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Pyramyd Editions :: design&designer books

Pyramyd Editions were created 2001 in Paris. Their catalog is organized around multiple collections that include over 200 thematic titles related from graphic design to architecture. I especially like their Design&designer series:

Pyramyd Editions recently presented the commemorative book ‘Etapes : 15 ans de culture visuelle’ (Michel Chanaud). This anniversary publication of nearly 600 pages contains all the major articles published throughout the 173 numbers, while offering unprecedented interventions of contemporary graphic designers.

Fernando Hernando Magadan and Harmen Straatman :: Naked ape

Four scenes from the Naked ape dance performance, a collaboration between choreographer Fernando Hernando Magadan of NDT ( Netherlands Dance Institute) and multimedia sound designer Harmen Sraatman. This performance was performed ar TODAYSART 09 festival in den Hague (Holland).

In a time when new technologies are changing the way we communicate, the way we express ourselves and how we relate to the world, how much space is still left for a pure social physical experience and the relation with our natural environment? Using dance and technology as a medium, this choreographic work explores the relation between the human physical expression and the artificial environment that we have created around us.

naked ape 1
naked ape 2
naked ape 6
photography ©brancolina

This is link to one of Fernando Hernando Magadan’s previous performances that he did in collaboration with the Nederlands Dans Theater.

spray :: alva noto

“Speed of data-flow is equivalent to the speed of our time. In an era when virtual products of our ideas are expanding, we are simultaneously positioning a calm point in which to settle ourselves.” Carsten Nicolai