Monthly Archives: July 2010

detour :: designed moleskine notebooks

Detour exhibitions are curated by Raffaella Guidobono and they are showing Moleskine notebook creations by internationally recognized artists, architects, film directors, graphic designers, illustrators and writers. The next exhibition Mapping Contemporary Venice is going to take place in Venice August 26 – September 20 2010 in association with the 12th Biennale International Architecture Exhibition and it’s a co-production of V.I.U., Venice International University and Moleskine. The theme is city of Venice seen as a modern, metropolitan city, out of the picturesque, then mapped and reinterpreted on the pages of Moleskine notebooks.

To see more Detour Moleskin book designs click here.

paul auster :: white spaces (quote)

Something happens and from the moment it begins to happen, nothing can ever be the same again.

                                                    * * *                                           

Something begins and already it is no longer the beginning, but something else, propelling us into the heart of the thing that is happening. At each moment we are no longer where we were, but have left ourselves behind, irrevocably, in a past that has no memory, a past endlessly obliterated by a perpetual motion that carries us into the present. And whoever tries to find refuge in only one place, in only one moment, will never be where he thinks he is.

kinetic architecture :: Ned Kahn + Giselbrecht + Shawn Lani, Charles Sowers and Peter Richards

Kinetic architecture is a design concept in modern architecture which explores the physical transformation of part or portion of structural elements of a building. The use of robotics, mechanics and electronics are being more known as new approaches into architectural possibilities. Also known as robotecture and responsive architecture.