waxy pith :: an evening of tenderness and amusement

WAXY PITH is organizing in Brussels An evening of tenderness and amusement featuring works by 4 artists:

SPOKEN WORD: the author will read from his recently published book Revenge Fantasies of the Politically Dispossessed (Pedlar press)

Set in a dystopian near-future, Revenge Fantasies of the Politically Dispossessed is a novel – a kind of post-capitalist soap opera – about a group of people who regularly attend ‘the meetings’. At the meetings they have agreed to talk, and only talk, about how to re-ignite the left, for fear if they were to do more, if they were to actually engage in real acts of resistance or activism, they would be arrested, imprisoned or worse. Revenge Fantasies is a book about community. It is also a book about fear.

Review by Chris Kraus: “Jacob Wren’s work has always explored the dissonance between psychodynamics – which reveals the ambiguities and possibilities of human behavior – and the deadening psychic economy of capital. In Revenge Fantasies, he demonstrates how deeply literary these concerns are. Whether depicting the intricate mood-shifts of a triangulated romance, or chronicling the inchoate optimism of marathon group meetings designed to identify ‘what went wrong’ with the left, or recasting the recent political past as dystopian sci-fi, the novel is fascinating, lurid and highly accomplished, evoking the best of Colette, Robert Musil and Julio Cortazar.”

Review by Chicago Centre for Literature and Photography



SHORT FILM: Die Vögelein schweigen im Walde, 18’0″

A man relieves himself from his night time job as a warehouseman by pursuing his greatest passion: hunting. But sometimes nature is tough and unpredictable. Die Vögelein Schweigen im Walde (The Birds in the Forest remain Silent) is a film about loneliness, the craving for dominance and the search for a meaningful interpretation of existence.



PERFORMANCE: An Act in Two Parts

Excerpt from text about the artist, by Hans Theys: It is as if the real Kurt Ryslavy is hiding behind all these layers, like the theatre director of the old days who invested in his own productions and followed the events on stage and in the auditorium from behind the ingeniously sliding coulisses. It is also possible that there is no director at all … You can try to look at Ryslavy’s work and enjoy the way humour and seriousness overlap in a game with the representative effect of objects and images.



MUSIC: Spookhuisje

RifRaf magazine: “SPOOKHUISJE is the nom de plume of Brussels musician Raphael Absolonne. His intriguing instrumental music is a meditative melting pot of psychedelic drones, Indian raga (not to be confused with ragga) and experimental guitar playing that are one step beyond the sahara-tunes of Tamikrest.”



Individual presentations will occur consecutively over the course of the evening.
Event address: 22 Place Van Hoegaerde 1081 Brussels
Time: 01 March 2011, 19.30 – 22h


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