raphaël dallaporta :: ruins series

ruins 54-56
print on dibon (125 x 155 cm)

ruins 55-56
print on dibon (125 x 155 cm)

ruins 56-56
print on dibon (125 x 155 cm)

To realize the project Ruins, Raphaël Dallaporta has been working with a team of archaeologists from the north of Afghanistan. Using an aerial camera system – a special drone adapted by Dallaporta for the project – he has been able to fly over Afghanistan taking pictures of the sites.

The purpose of it all is to compile an inventory of the Afghan national heritage, that it is hard to get to and in danger of destruction. Quite apart from natural phenomena, the sites and monuments are primarily endangered by human actions such as pillage, dynamiting, or the location of military zones on rich archaeological terrains. The artist’s images place the country’s current situation within a historic tradition. As a result of repeated invasions, this coveted territory retains the imprint of the various civilisations that have occupied it. Fully appreciating the urgency of saving this heritage, Raphaël Dallaporta has brought all his technical know-how to the task. The figure of the ruin at the centre of his compositions indicates various signs of destruction in the remains. It breaks with the symmetry of the rectangle, causing the photographic constructions to gain in emotive power what they seem to lose in formal perfection – which reflects the state of these deteriorating remains. The forms are obtained, from several shots taken on the same flight, through calculations made with automatic reconstruction and image-recognition software. Reality is recreated from these shots by lining up different isometric projections. Like photography, ruins have a special relationship with time: they are the evidence of a time which no longer exists. The project presents a process of deterioration suspended in time. The ruin, which is the project’s raison d’être, affects us and reassures us about human precariousness. (edit from the artist’s website)


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