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dOCUMENTA (13) :: a wall text



“dOCUMENTA (13) is dedicated to artistic research and forms of imagination that explore commitment, matter, things, embodiment, and active living in connection with, yet not subordinated to, theory. These are terrains where politics are inseparable from a sensual, energetic, and worldly alliance between current research in various scientific and artistic fields and other knowledges, both ancient and contemporary. dOCUMENTA (13) is driven by a holistic and non-logocentric vision that is skeptical of the persisting belief in economic growth. This vision is shared with, and recognizes, the shapes and practices of knowing of all the animate and inanimate makers of the world, including people.” C.Christov-Bakargiev



Quayola :: Strata #4 : Excerpt 1

Strata #4 is a multi-channel immersive video-installation commissioned in 2011 by Palais de Beaux Arts in Lille. The subject of this work is a series of iconic pieces from the museum’s Flemish collection, focusing specifically on Rubens’ and Van Dyck’s grand altarpieces. Strata #4 is the result of a study and exploration of the paintings themselves, delving beneath their figurative appearance and looking at the very rules behind the composition, colour schemes and proportions of each piece. It is a precise process aimed at creating new contemporary images based on universal rules of beauty and perfection. Documenting the improbable collisions between classical figurations and contemporary abstraction, Strata #4 aims to create a harmonious dialogue between worlds that may seem very distant from one another, but in fact share so much in common. Strata #4 is part of the ongoing Strata Series.

More info+pics:

Additional Credits:

Matthias Kispert: sound design
James Medcraft: photography
Kieran Finch, Cai Matthews: animation assistants
Mauritius Seeger, Evan Bohem: programming
Beccy McCray: producer
Patrick Hearn: technical support

Commissioned by Palais des Beaux Arts, Lille
Produced by Nexus, London


raphaël dallaporta :: ruins series

ruins 54-56
print on dibon (125 x 155 cm)

ruins 55-56
print on dibon (125 x 155 cm)

ruins 56-56
print on dibon (125 x 155 cm)

To realize the project Ruins, Raphaël Dallaporta has been working with a team of archaeologists from the north of Afghanistan. Using an aerial camera system – a special drone adapted by Dallaporta for the project – he has been able to fly over Afghanistan taking pictures of the sites.

The purpose of it all is to compile an inventory of the Afghan national heritage, that it is hard to get to and in danger of destruction. Quite apart from natural phenomena, the sites and monuments are primarily endangered by human actions such as pillage, dynamiting, or the location of military zones on rich archaeological terrains. The artist’s images place the country’s current situation within a historic tradition. As a result of repeated invasions, this coveted territory retains the imprint of the various civilisations that have occupied it. Fully appreciating the urgency of saving this heritage, Raphaël Dallaporta has brought all his technical know-how to the task. The figure of the ruin at the centre of his compositions indicates various signs of destruction in the remains. It breaks with the symmetry of the rectangle, causing the photographic constructions to gain in emotive power what they seem to lose in formal perfection – which reflects the state of these deteriorating remains. The forms are obtained, from several shots taken on the same flight, through calculations made with automatic reconstruction and image-recognition software. Reality is recreated from these shots by lining up different isometric projections. Like photography, ruins have a special relationship with time: they are the evidence of a time which no longer exists. The project presents a process of deterioration suspended in time. The ruin, which is the project’s raison d’être, affects us and reassures us about human precariousness. (edit from the artist’s website)


lee arnold :: blue-green-grey

Click image to watch Lee Arnold’s video work that explores the temporal use of modal color and value to unify a fragmented Maine landscape into a unified whole.


yanomano :: line_up series

Click on image to view a selection of images from Yanomano‘s line_up series.

‘The line_up is a paperwork series I developed in 2010 /11, the “liners” are made out of paper, oil paint and graphite, the theme is the hermetical laws of polarity and movement. There is no ending and no beginning in any direction, just an endless movement. You have the possibility to arrange the papers like you want and that makes it an endless playground for my photo-work and the eyes of the viewers.’ Yanomano



waxy pith presents Precarious Interchange

Precarious Interchange is the art event organized by WAXY PITH, it presents new works by Stian Ådlandsvik (NO), Sébastien Chou (FR), Juan Fontanive (US), Sophie Giraux (FR), Antonia Low (DE) and Olve Sande (NO).

Variously apparent are aspects of fragility, ruin, illusionism, displacement, accumulation, interference, distortion, transference, mimesis, formation, excavation, and inversion. A selection of these characteristics, intrinsic to each or to one another, dart across the room – some remaining schtum while others softly flap and hum. With modesty, not brashness, each emanates its story, offering to reveal the details to all who venture close. Indeed, imbued in every one of these artworks, upon its inception and throughout the process of becoming, is a certain precariousness that has thus become essential to its finished state.

STIAN ÅDLANDSVIK is an artist with an archaeological bent. Drawings, photographs and sculptures variously materialise from historical and contemporary events and objects that he has evaluated and recontextualised. Reflections of the past intertwine with ideals and visions of the future. His works are often reorganised hybrids, in which the constituent parts derive from precise origins and connections he has explored and dissected, discernable through the unveiling of a certain logic or thought process.

• As a photographer, SEBASTIEN CHOU is inclined to take a background position. A work begins with a seed of inspiration, often brought by collaboration with a musician or writer. On hearing a song or reading a passage, he begins to conceive of imagery that will align with it in an absolute way. Having so homologised, the singular work is permeated with the essence of the source and has thereby inherited its innermost traits, rendering this very entity independently potent.

• Often recycling the mechanical components of found bicycles, clocks and thelike to formulate his kinetic artworks, JUAN FONTANIVE’s interest lies in the splendour of sequential and repetitive movement. By hand-crafting the constituent parts, including the drawing or painting of characters in some cases, he creates work that overtly assumes a life of its own, a composition of movement accompanied by the inherent sound of the mechanism, delivering multidimensional sensory output saturated in poesy.

SOPHIE GIRAUX is a moulder of poetry. Whether realised through video projectin, sculpture or installation, each of her works is the pure manifestation of its poetic content. Sometimes at the core is a true story steeped in emotion or nostalgia, others times it is a current contemplation; always, the meaningfulness contained in its expression is ripe, and its physicality, while sound, possesses the patent quality of sheer ephemerality.

• Context means everything to ANTONIA LOW. She is drawn to accretions, elements that have attached themselves to surfaces within spaces, usually due solely to human habitation. These remnants of activity form the raw material from which her work springs forth, each time uniquely configured in response to the particularity of factors present. In detaching and reinterpreting these standard elements, the hitherto benign fixtures and their formerly hidden underbellies become the most characterful items in the room.

• Possessed of a balance of architectural, historical and literary substance, OLVE SANDE’s works are striking for the peculiar resonance they evoke. Using the materials of ordinary building construction, he interferes with surface structure or rearranges parts, assigning to them an entirely new purpose, generating a form impregnated with autonomously applied reference. Thus charged with meaning his works are at once recognisable and unconventionally contrived.

Downtown Brussels – Ste-Catherine | rue d’Ophem 55 | rue de Barchon 11 | Quai au Bois de Construction
28 October – 13 November 2011, 19 – 22h


roger guetta a.k.a. draMan :: from the series iphonography

A selection of layered photo illustrations from Roger Guetta a.k.a. draMan


Being there (2011)


The purist’s testament (2011)


The profit seekers (2011)


Satyricon remembered (2011)


Portrait 707 – Dr Moon (2011)


Survival of the fittest (2011)

Re-working the real, uncovering hidden universes, I try to evoke figments of thoughts and/or memories by providing a variety of points of perception within a single image.

Places to visit, where one can find multiple points of experience that exist at the fulcrum of the moment, or in many simultaneous moments.

These photos are not as much maps, as they are pools which hopefully provide depths of interpretation.

In conclusion, I try to make each image as if it is captured from within a momentary flux of images, as if nothing were solid or permanent. Instead, it is ephemeral, reflecting the ever changing nature of life and the way we experience it. Roger Guetta


y sin embargo #29 :: last/s issue

If communication means to put something in common, is it possible, today, at the height of the era of communication, putting something in common? Or all we got are monologues?




This issue marks the 7th anniversary of the Barcelona based independent arts/culture magazine Y SIN EMBARGO and it is the last issue of their 4 seasonal publications cycle.

“Seven years of a periodical and independent publication is perhaps both necessary and a long enough time to verify or put into practice a set of ideas, wishes and adventures. YSE closes a cycle, but doesn’t close (neither literally nor metaforically).

New situations, new circumstances and, most of all, new wishes and interests consume and demand the always limited well of time and energy. We have grown in this seven years without any kind of sponsoring, there was never a financial support or even modest underpinnings to give any logic of survival to the publication. Everything has been done on breathhold, in a respiratory exercise, at times painful, even if oxygen (of course intangible) always managed to be there in the end. Nevertheless, these are times of generalised asphyxia and sometimes – even though nostalgia or stubbornness exert their seduction- it is necessary to dry the boat’s dock, caulk and face different courses. We will go on, but we will be other.

Thanks to all those who have been reading and watching and those who took part. You’ll be hearing from us.” fernandoprats, art director and the founder of Y SIN EMBARGO.

Editing, direction & complements: fernandoprats
Art direction & design: Estudi Prats
Assistance: Rivera Valdez
Translations: Alicia Pallas
Music: Albert Jordà / Nevus project
Video: Raquel Barrera Sutorra
Almostopen: Manuel Alcaide Mengual

Including works from: Roman Aixendri, Manuel Alcaide Mengual, Azurebumble, Brancolina, Wilma Eras, Oriol Espinal, ezook, Rosa Delia Guerrero, Manuel Diumenjó, H.O., Kozology, Françoise Lucas, Nirvana SQ, Graciela Oses, Alicia Pallas, Carlos Pataca, Leonie Polah, fernandoprats, Miguel Ruibal, Juan Pablo Sáenz, Jef Safi, Alain Vaissiere and dou_ble_you.

YSE website | Flickr Group | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Vimeo | MySpace


brancolina :: monologues from La Défense in Paris

photography: ©brancolina2011

Fragments of the sculptures Le pouce by César Baldaccini and Igor Mitoraj’s La collose, Ikara and Tindaro.

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