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azurebumble :: hypo-x-series : a digital photography curation

Almost 3 Years on photography book “Hypo-x-Series”‘ has now been released in ‘Ebook ‘format. For those who possess an iPad or iPhone a version is now available for £1.49 (non profit).


“This book is the result of an online collaboration between 111 international artists and photographers, where by simply utilising the infrastructure of the photo sharing website ‘flickr’ we have managed to communicate, interact and gather together a stunning collection of over 400 abstract and aesthetic photographic works!

For this project I have reorganised a series of virtual online curations toward interconnected progressions of sensual, thought provoking and emotive works. Selected carefully each double-page spread features a self-contained visual duet, these pairings are also integral to the flow of the sequence as a whole. This continuity allows the viewer to visit any page at will and embark on an intriguing journey into a complex and ethereal world of delicate changing moods.

A space involving unexpected movements of colour, shape and form, minimal tonal progressions with gentle transitions from dark to light and warm to cool, subtle textural, linear and conceptual relationships and occasional mysterious figurative apparitions. Ultimately inviting emotional responses via the poetic adventures of the imagination and the senses.” Azurebumble (Alan Wilson)





various artists :: EIN MAGAZIN ÜBER ORTE NO. 8


The eighth edition of EIN MAGAZIN ÜBER ORTE No.8 is published, the theme is Paradise.

“The paradise does not exist. This is clear. That is a shame of course, the idea that a fulfilled, carefree existence would await us is too beautiful. But there is also one good thing about it. Because that way the paradise has become a projection surface for everything that is bigger, fairer, more transcendent and more livable than reality. Utopias concerning the paradise are allowed and also earthly moments, which appear heavenly, exist occasionally.

To follow others, when they ponder about the ephemeral term in texts and images, is very inspiring. All the more when in the latest Ein Magazin über Orte clichés are skipped and very different approaches are spread in a flowing current of thoughts and feelings. Dreams, wishes, hopes from the wide-ranging perspectives of many known and some less known artists and authors. What pleases me most is that the long deceased Kevin Coyne gets a chance to speak through his poem Skinhead in Heaven:

›Nobody is objecting my presence.
I don´t have to knock anybody about.‹

A state that is unattainable on earth for the time being.” (edit from

EIN MAGAZIN ÜBER ORTE No. 8, springtime 2011
210 X 270 mm / 84 pages with photos and illustrations
Featuring: Ryan Mcginley, Jeff Wall, Raymond Pettibon, Miranda July, Marcus Oakley, John Copeland, Peter Fischli, David Weiss, Luc Tuymans, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Michael Borremans, Zoe Leonard, Bushra Rehman, Ibrahim Samuel, Lidwien van der Ven, Günter Kunert, Jana Gontscharuk, Kevin Coyne, Agi Mishol



azurebumble :: fragmental : book

Fragmental is a new book from Azurebumble (Alan Wilson), it consists of six series of digital artworks, each having evolved from small sections ‘sampled’ (cut) from photographs.

“A process where these basic elements have been combined and recombined numerous times to produce an extensive vocabulary of shapes and forms. With no preconceived ideas, I begin to play and improvise with these pieces allowing my imagination to create compositions, perhaps based on a simple pattern, an interesting association or architectural element, or maybe they’ll suggest some surreal narrative. These constructions can then form the basis for a continuation of this process, whereby selecting the most interesting aspects of these new images and placing them into the original pool, can create possibilities for fresh combinations and different ideas. This continual process of deconstruction and reconstruction also makes it possible to trace the evolution of specific elements throughout a number of incarnations and series. Despite the multiple choices this technique allows, I think it’s also important to introduce source material from outside the pool. Lately, using a similar process, I have been ‘remixing’ works by another photographer (Fernando Prats) and ‘refurbishing’ and ‘reimagining’ an old photograph by Andreas Feininger. In time, certain aspects of these series could possibly be integrated with earlier works to produce new and interesting hybrids.” Azurebumble



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