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Esther Stocker

Esther Stocker is Vienna-based artist, who is known for manipulating spatial geometry using the framework of the grid, both on canvas and in her 3-D installations, until the mind starts making linear connections that aren’t really there, trying to find order in the optically illusive chaos. “When you work in a very minimal way in high contrast, maybe it’s only two-dimensional, but you see it as three because you want to know what’s the figure, what’s the foreground and background,” she explains. The viewer spends time “wandering around in” the painting, trying to make sense of it. There’s a beauty in things you can’t figure out”. (edit from Monica Khemsurov’s article about Esther Stocker).


This is a short film with Esther Stocker’s installation Abstract Thought Is A Warm Puppy, that was last year staged in C.C.N.O.A. (Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art) in Brussels.