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Ars Electronica Futurelab and Klaus Obermaier :: Apparition

APPARITION is a compelling dance and media performance that successfully uses innovative technology to give dancers the possibility to interact with image and music. Click here to watch a short video.

Klaus Obermaier’s dance/media performances D.A.V.E. and VIVISECTOR have become a world famous thanks to a unique combination of dance and video, but APPARITION goes one step further: sophisticated interactive technology releases the performer from the determination of set choreography and generate the visual content in real-time. The goal was to create an interactive system that is much more than simply an extension of the performer, but a potential performing partner. Computational processes that model and simulate real-world physics create a kinetic space where the beauty and dynamics of the human body and its movement quality are extended and transferred into the virtual world. These two main areas of research, the interactive digital system as performance partner and the creation of an immersive kinetic space, form the artistic framework for APPARITION. (edit from Klaus Obermaier’s website)

Idea, concept, direction, visuals, music: Klaus Obermaier
Concept, interactive design, technical development: Peter Brandl, Christopher Lindinger, Jing He (Ars Electronica Futurelab, A), Hirokazu Kato (Osaka University, J)
Choreographer and performer: Desirée Kongerod, Robert Tannion
Dramaturgy: Scott deLahunta
Realised in the framework of DAMPF_lab, a joint project of Tanz Performance Köln, Animax Multimedia Theater Bonn, V2_Lab Rotterdam, Ars Electronica Futurelab Linz.

The Ars Electronica Center, Linz (Austria)
Klaus Obermaier website

“In the center of my work stands the interaction between humans and new technologies/virtual environments. As this is a question of our times and the future, I feel very natural in using and fusing these technologies with performance and hence research the consequences and possibilities that come out of that question. The dance should work on its own, but also seamlessly fuse and interact with the digital environment that inspires dancers for improvisation.” Klaus Obermaier


‘The object of a movement’ performance at the opening of Elena Bajo’s exibition in D+T PROJECT gallery in Brussels


photos: ©brancolina

Two scenes from The Object of A Movement, that was performed on 18 November 2010 by dancers Boglárka Börcsök, Marta Kosieradka and Paola Zampierolo for the opening of Elena Bajo’s exhibition in D+T PROJECT gallery in Brussels.

In the first part of the performance a political text is given to the 3 dancers. They are told to respond to the text by choosing 3 fragments that contain ideas that are interesting for them in the development of their individual movements and choreographies. Three individual music pieces and choreographies are created by using a special software which translates each individual text into musical notes. Each dancer dances to her own chosen text. They performed ‘solo’ movements and combined ‘looped’ movements. The second part of the performance is ‘blind’ and improvised, it consists in sharing a common space to interact with each other’s individual movements to build up a new movement, a new collective choreography.


Fernando Hernando Magadan and Harmen Straatman :: Naked ape

Four scenes from the Naked ape dance performance, a collaboration between choreographer Fernando Hernando Magadan of NDT ( Netherlands Dance Institute) and multimedia sound designer Harmen Sraatman. This performance was performed ar TODAYSART 09 festival in den Hague (Holland).

In a time when new technologies are changing the way we communicate, the way we express ourselves and how we relate to the world, how much space is still left for a pure social physical experience and the relation with our natural environment? Using dance and technology as a medium, this choreographic work explores the relation between the human physical expression and the artificial environment that we have created around us.

naked ape 1
naked ape 2
naked ape 6
photography ©brancolina

This is link to one of Fernando Hernando Magadan’s previous performances that he did in collaboration with the Nederlands Dans Theater.

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