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brian barber :: formation of space

Space is open-ended, never existing on its own but only in relation to other elements. Defining space as a contained specific volume is difficult as it continuously flows through a building relative to the observer’s movements.

* * *

Spaces are in a constant state of flux. The idealistic vision of the architect is in tension ‘with the exotic circus of real life’. The architect’s control over a design is terminated once it enters into the reality of the city, because spaces are never in isolation, but exist in relation to each other. Experiences of one space flow into the next. Edmund Bacon in one of his first essays ‘Awareness of Space as Experience‘ illustrates that ‘there is an intellectual parallel of deepening perception, which is based on becoming connected with larger and larger systems.’

* * *

Finding it difficult to confine a space let us explore what contributions alter its perception. Space is informed by enclosure, light, approach, scale, time and position. Altering just one of these conditions transforms the observer’s dialogue with reality. Rafael Moneo said in ‘An intense life and consummate work’: ‘Any construction that has been able to survive the passage of time is by definition an ongoing transformation’

* * *

Irrespective of the procession of time and centuries or a fleeting moment, how a space is perceived changes due to uncontrollable external factors conducted by the nature. The concept model begins to explore this theme. The space inside the model is constant, however its perception differs each time it is viewed. Each window into the space has a different scale, the light changes, the window size is different, as every space can be described in a series of different ways.

Edits from Brian Barber’s post to Space framed blog, that investigated the relationship between architecture and photography as an ongoing study at the School of Architecture UCD

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