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Fernando Hernando Magadan and Harmen Straatman :: Naked ape

Four scenes from the Naked ape dance performance, a collaboration between choreographer Fernando Hernando Magadan of NDT ( Netherlands Dance Institute) and multimedia sound designer Harmen Sraatman. This performance was performed ar TODAYSART 09 festival in den Hague (Holland).

In a time when new technologies are changing the way we communicate, the way we express ourselves and how we relate to the world, how much space is still left for a pure social physical experience and the relation with our natural environment? Using dance and technology as a medium, this choreographic work explores the relation between the human physical expression and the artificial environment that we have created around us.

naked ape 1
naked ape 2
naked ape 6
photography ©brancolina

This is link to one of Fernando Hernando Magadan’s previous performances that he did in collaboration with the Nederlands Dans Theater.