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alvin lustig :: graphic illustrations for ‘the ghost in the underblows’ book

A selection of pages from The Ghost In the Underblows published in 1940 by The Ward Ritchie Press in Los Angeles. The book is an illustrated epic poem by Alfred Young Fisher with an introduction by Lawrence Clarke Powell and graphic design by Alvin Lustig.

alvin lustig: website


roger guetta a.k.a. draMan :: from the series iphonography

A selection of layered photo illustrations from Roger Guetta a.k.a. draMan


Being there (2011)


The purist’s testament (2011)


The profit seekers (2011)


Satyricon remembered (2011)


Portrait 707 – Dr Moon (2011)


Survival of the fittest (2011)

Re-working the real, uncovering hidden universes, I try to evoke figments of thoughts and/or memories by providing a variety of points of perception within a single image.

Places to visit, where one can find multiple points of experience that exist at the fulcrum of the moment, or in many simultaneous moments.

These photos are not as much maps, as they are pools which hopefully provide depths of interpretation.

In conclusion, I try to make each image as if it is captured from within a momentary flux of images, as if nothing were solid or permanent. Instead, it is ephemeral, reflecting the ever changing nature of life and the way we experience it. Roger Guetta


y sin embargo exhibition in ****contrasted gallery

Click on image to watch a slide show of the online exhibition curated by fernandoprats for ****contrasted gallery. The selection is made of images published in the arts/culture magazine Y SIN EMBARGO and it features artworks from Rosa Delia Guerrero, Leonie Polah, Ezook, Alain Vaisierre, Oriol Espinal, dou_ble_you, Jurek Durczak, fernandoprats, Azurebumble, Kozology, Françoise Lucas, Wilma Eras, Manuel Diumenjó, Jef Safi, Alicia Pallas, Brancolina, Augusto Rosa, Bill Horne, Thomas Hagström, Jacob Schere, Lawrence Roberts, Natalia Osiatynska, Susan Wolff, htakat, Sabine Portela, Mensaka, galaad, Jose Javier Gonzalez, Lucky Clov, Doris Stritcher , Gabriel Magri, Olivier Gilet, Yves Moreaux, Teng Tan, Ron Herrema, Mara Carrion, R Galan, Yanomano, Nacho Piédrola, Inga Melnikova, Barbara Stumm, dba lehane, Patricia Gil, Lisa Kehoe, Alba Escayo, Zep Wernbacher, Simon Fröehlich, Zep Wernbacher, Francisco Neto, Thomas Zicola, Victor Obrist, JPCandelier, Nigel Christian, Ionah, Mark Valentine, Enric Leor, Sam Javanrouh and Boris.


andy gilmore :: complex geometric visions


gabriel moreno :: illustrated portraits


Mariposa (2009) and Flor (2009)

Perfil (2009)

Illustrations made with pen, ink and watercolor on Michel Archer paper mounted on wooden frame

and covered by plywood box methacrylate

100 x 100 x 10 cm


Russ Mills aka Byroglyphics :: dynamic layered illustrations

Russ Mills is the British artists whose work is a hybrid of traditional hand-made illustration and digital processing. His illustrations are showing dynamically layered portraits focused on human physical and emotional idiosyncrasies, resulting in fascinating distorted forms that have both subtle and extreme character.

“My illustrations begin life as sketches in ink, the tool of choice is the Bic ‘fine’ because it gives me a lot more mileage than more expensive, snootier fine liners that break if you give them too much stick. The sketch is then transported into my MAC and ‘abused’ in photoshop. I use this because of the joy of multiple undo’s, plus it’s the closest I can get to painting without painting. The next stage is to turn these illustrations into big canvases. It’s taken me many attempts to get to a stage where I’m confident enough to attack canvas and leave the relative safety of the computer. As with everything else, it’s a constant learning curve.”

Click photo to visit my website

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