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Y Sin Embargo #25 :: just a memory

The subject of this Y SIN EMBARGO issue is memory, its role, its functions, its updates upgrades, its new roles, dynamics, places and functions. To go beyond in the forcing of logic or critical readings around these questions, the present issue will not hace a permanent existence, available, ubiquitous, at hand, as a part of the shared memory that we humans have on the web; on the contrary, it will be lost, it will be a work sent directly to the void, where nothing supports it, as a fragile, dubious entity, or a pile of organized energy in a dissipative medium. Just like our old memories or all that we cannot download from our heads (or access anywhere), YSE#25 Just a memory will cease existing on October 5th, 2010.

editing and directing: Fernando Prats
art directing and designing: Estudi Prats
artists: azurebumble, roman aixendri, helmuth boeger, brancolina, hernán dardes, wilma eras, oriol espinal,
kozology, leah leone, françoise lucas, jorge nieto, nouredine, graciela oses, paula palombo, alicia pallas, fernando prats, miguel ruibal, juan pablo sáenz, jef safi, nirvana sq, martín trebino, dou_ble_you (UU) and susan wolff


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