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kasumi :: SAIGAI 災害

SAIGAI (災害, disaster in Japanese) is Kasumi‘s video work inspired by the ongoing catastrophe in Japan caused by earthquakes and tsunami, an elegy for the lost and deceased.


naoya hatakeyama :: scenes from the underground

The subway underground world exist within perfect darkness, oblivious to the light and sense of vision of the world above the ground. To discover this world was a truly magical experience, Naoya Hatakeyama

Underground series from the Japanese photographer Naoya Hatakeyama is a collection of photographs taken in the vast underground spaces under the mega cities like Tokyo, Osaka or Paris. Japanese photographers Hideaki Uchiyama and Joe Nishizawa have also made some remarkable photo-works in the underground space, but Naoya Hatakeyama’s images are not focused on hi-tech constructions, he is rather capturing the fascinating light conditions when desolate dark tunnels are exposed under strategically placed spotlights.

The photo book Naoya Hatakeyama: Underground is published in March 2000:
Hardcover: 68 pages, 10.9 x 9.8 x 0.6 inches
Publisher: Media Factory, Japan
ISBN-10: 4840100888
ISBN-13: 978-4840100885


Kotaro Ide :: the shell house

The Shell House is a shell shaped concrete structure designed by the Japanese architect Kotaro Ide from the ARTechnic Architects. It is located in the forest of Karuizawa in Kitasaku, Nagano district (Japan) and has a function of a vacation home.

photography © Nacasa & Partners Inc.


Atelier Tekuto :: mineral house

The growing trend towards sophisticated individual living solutions for singles is making intelligently designed small houses and apartments one of the most interesting architectural sectors. It is no surprise that numerous successful examples of such designs come from Japan, where densely populated urban environment has since long been influencing developing of buildings on a minimum space into highly impressive architectural art.

Mineral house is a creation of the Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashita from Atelier Tekuto. It is an edgy, sculptural, asymmetric residential house situated near the center of Tokyo, whose lines are reminiscent of a large crystal or mineral. The building’s space covers an area of just 50m2, but despite its very modest dimensions the inner space looks surprisingly spacious thanks to the special staggering of the living levels, ceiling breakthroughs and strategically placed window openings at various angles. This house is a futuristic and elegant example of the contemporary Japanese minimalism and it is equally impressive both in its appearance and functionality. More info on

photography ©atelier tekuto



The Plus House is designed by Mount Fuji Architects Studio as a minimal modern weekend home in Shizuoka Prefecture on Japan’s island of Honshu. The building is composed with two main constructive blocks set at 90-degree angles, its name derives from the plan that appears as – an almost – a plus sign.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the deceptively simple two-level concrete structure has private rooms and a bathroom on the lower level and salon with kitchen on the upper. The water for the bathroom comes directly from a local hot spring. The exterior is clad entirely in white water-polished marble with surface texture changing gradually toward the outer tips of the blocks from rough to mirror-smooth. The interior is covered with a smoothly polished white marble, that gently reflects the blue light from the south (ocean) and green light from the west (forest). (edit from Modern design interior)

photography ©ken’ichi suzuki


Ben Mason :: Tom Middleton : Lifetracks

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