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michael wolf :: tokyo compression

©michael wolf, all rights reserved

Michael Wolf’s Tokyo Compression focuses on the craziness of Tokyo’s underground system. For his shots he has chosen a location which relentlessly provides his camera with new pictures minute per minute. Every day thousands and thousands of people enter this subsurface hell for two or more hours, constrained between glass, steel and other people who roll to their place of work and back home beneath the city. In Michael Wolf’s pictures we look into countless human faces, all trying to sustain this evident madness in their own way. ( … ) Michael Wolf discovered the subway system as suitable place in order to investigate mental state and aggregate condition of the city people. Wolf leaves out all accessories, focuses just on faces and figures. With his radical aesthetics he creates enormously intensive pictures, that in a distressing, yes shocking manner directly aim into the passengers thoughts and feelings. ( edit from )


naoya hatakeyama :: scenes from the underground

The subway underground world exist within perfect darkness, oblivious to the light and sense of vision of the world above the ground. To discover this world was a truly magical experience, Naoya Hatakeyama

Underground series from the Japanese photographer Naoya Hatakeyama is a collection of photographs taken in the vast underground spaces under the mega cities like Tokyo, Osaka or Paris. Japanese photographers Hideaki Uchiyama and Joe Nishizawa have also made some remarkable photo-works in the underground space, but Naoya Hatakeyama’s images are not focused on hi-tech constructions, he is rather capturing the fascinating light conditions when desolate dark tunnels are exposed under strategically placed spotlights.

The photo book Naoya Hatakeyama: Underground is published in March 2000:
Hardcover: 68 pages, 10.9 x 9.8 x 0.6 inches
Publisher: Media Factory, Japan
ISBN-10: 4840100888
ISBN-13: 978-4840100885

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