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cat2525jp :: Tokyo Sky Drive


michael wolf :: tokyo compression

©michael wolf, all rights reserved

Michael Wolf’s Tokyo Compression focuses on the craziness of Tokyo’s underground system. For his shots he has chosen a location which relentlessly provides his camera with new pictures minute per minute. Every day thousands and thousands of people enter this subsurface hell for two or more hours, constrained between glass, steel and other people who roll to their place of work and back home beneath the city. In Michael Wolf’s pictures we look into countless human faces, all trying to sustain this evident madness in their own way. ( … ) Michael Wolf discovered the subway system as suitable place in order to investigate mental state and aggregate condition of the city people. Wolf leaves out all accessories, focuses just on faces and figures. With his radical aesthetics he creates enormously intensive pictures, that in a distressing, yes shocking manner directly aim into the passengers thoughts and feelings. ( edit from )


Atelier Tekuto :: mineral house

The growing trend towards sophisticated individual living solutions for singles is making intelligently designed small houses and apartments one of the most interesting architectural sectors. It is no surprise that numerous successful examples of such designs come from Japan, where densely populated urban environment has since long been influencing developing of buildings on a minimum space into highly impressive architectural art.

Mineral house is a creation of the Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashita from Atelier Tekuto. It is an edgy, sculptural, asymmetric residential house situated near the center of Tokyo, whose lines are reminiscent of a large crystal or mineral. The building’s space covers an area of just 50m2, but despite its very modest dimensions the inner space looks surprisingly spacious thanks to the special staggering of the living levels, ceiling breakthroughs and strategically placed window openings at various angles. This house is a futuristic and elegant example of the contemporary Japanese minimalism and it is equally impressive both in its appearance and functionality. More info on

photography ©atelier tekuto

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