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kumi yamashita :: shaded wall sculptures

Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita creates installation pieces/wall sculptures with a shadow play. She uses specially designed pieces of aluminum or wood and attaches them to a wall, when light hits the object it forms an intriguing shadow. Art works presented bellow are Profile (1994), a fragment of Origami (2005) and Exclamation mark (1995). For more info:

Four a short digitally animated film created by Peter Eszenyi of 720 Creative, a tribute to Yamashita’s wall sculpture City View (2003).


Ran Hwang :: Dreaming of joy

Dreaming of joy is a wall sculpture/installation made with pins and red buttons by Korean artists Ran Hwang.

“In her work Ran Hwang addresses current social issues, particularly menial labor and its relation to the glamour trade, but also the timeless spiritual concerns. The overall effect of her work is to enable commonplace materials and processes, while simultaneously authenticating two different kinds of grandeur: pop-cultural and divine.” (edit from Richard Vine’s article Present absence: dual realities in the work of Ran Hwang, Art in America)

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