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The Plus House is designed by Mount Fuji Architects Studio as a minimal modern weekend home in Shizuoka Prefecture on Japan’s island of Honshu. The building is composed with two main constructive blocks set at 90-degree angles, its name derives from the plan that appears as – an almost – a plus sign.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the deceptively simple two-level concrete structure has private rooms and a bathroom on the lower level and salon with kitchen on the upper. The water for the bathroom comes directly from a local hot spring. The exterior is clad entirely in white water-polished marble with surface texture changing gradually toward the outer tips of the blocks from rough to mirror-smooth. The interior is covered with a smoothly polished white marble, that gently reflects the blue light from the south (ocean) and green light from the west (forest). (edit from Modern design interior)

photography ©ken’ichi suzuki

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