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united visual artists :: light installation for Y-3 fashion show

Established in 2003, United Visual Artists are an art and design practice based in London, they produce works at the intersection of sculpture, architecture, live performance, moving image and digital installation. UVA’s team members come from many disciplines including fine art, architecture, communication design, moving image, computer science and engineering. The cross-pollination of diverse skills inspires new fields of exploration, which is core to their ethos.

As part of New York Fashion Week 2010, United Visual Artists created a light installation for the Y-3 fall 2010 fashion show. A clean, sharp performance was designed for Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto’s innovative Y-3 brand. Starting with a white monolith of light, a void was created out of which the models emerged. White lasers were then used to define the catwalk area, building an illusion of architectural forms that shifted in shape and composition over the course of the show.

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