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Angela Glajcar is a German artist who creates sculptures from torn paper and plastic. They seem light and delicate, yet there is a strong sculptural presence weather they float freely in space or form solid blocks of matter on the ground. The juxtaposition of lightness and weight, transience of the moment and material presence combine in her sculptures. They capture the light, reflect it. Shadows are gently altering the colours and adding countless shades of grey or broken white, while offering numerous insights that keep changing with the observer’s point of view.

In this sculpture she staggered arrangement of the vertically hung series of sheets of white paper. With torn edges she produced cave-like recessions, that extend into the depth of the sculpture. The sharp ridges and deep caverns evoke associations with glacial or rock formations while light and shadow are falling on the surface of the sheets, enlivening the interior of the oblong structure. The viewer is led into fascinating space with intriguing depth of view.

Her best known exhibits include large paper installations in Kunstverein Ludwigshafen, in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt am Main and in the Roman church ruins at Abbaye d´Alspach, Kaysersberg and the Kunstverein Siegen. Collection of her works is published in the books Angela Glajcar: Arbeiten in Papier Und Kunststoff Von 2003-2006 and Angela Glajcar: Works in Paper & Plastic 2007-2009.

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  1. July 14, 2010 at 23:49

    These are very interesting… especially when you see how and where they are installed.

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