Quayola :: Strata #4 : Excerpt 1

Strata #4 is a multi-channel immersive video-installation commissioned in 2011 by Palais de Beaux Arts in Lille. The subject of this work is a series of iconic pieces from the museum’s Flemish collection, focusing specifically on Rubens’ and Van Dyck’s grand altarpieces. Strata #4 is the result of a study and exploration of the paintings themselves, delving beneath their figurative appearance and looking at the very rules behind the composition, colour schemes and proportions of each piece. It is a precise process aimed at creating new contemporary images based on universal rules of beauty and perfection. Documenting the improbable collisions between classical figurations and contemporary abstraction, Strata #4 aims to create a harmonious dialogue between worlds that may seem very distant from one another, but in fact share so much in common. Strata #4 is part of the ongoing Strata Series.

More info+pics: quayola.com

Additional Credits:

Matthias Kispert: sound design
James Medcraft: photography
Kieran Finch, Cai Matthews: animation assistants
Mauritius Seeger, Evan Bohem: programming
Beccy McCray: producer
Patrick Hearn: technical support

Commissioned by Palais des Beaux Arts, Lille
Produced by Nexus, London

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