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Jörg Sasse‘s Speicher installation is a collection of images, which initially stays hidden. The block, which contains 512 sketches, is both a storage space (reservoir, attic) and a collection. Its title also alludes to computer memory, in which a multitude of information is stored. The images in the Speicher are a combination of Sasse‘s own images and found amateur photographs. All of them have been reworked on the computer and classified under subject areas, so-called ‘categories‘. The 54 categories, varying from ‘abstract’ to ‘winter’ can be accessed by the viewer via the category-cards placed by the wall. From each of those categories, the viewer can, by means of the supervisory staff, realize an installation, which emerges from a multitude of possible combinations. Before it is installed at a user-defined place on the wall, the user chooses the title for an appropriate image to attach to it. If one selects a certain category alpha-numeric titles can be found on the appropriate cards. From these titles, one card in particular can be determined as the beginning of a row of 9 or 6 photographs. The image with that title will then be removed from the Speicher. Thus, image after image, an installation with diverse combinations evolves, according to the structure of a relational database. (edit from Sasse’s website)

Jörg Sasse’s website: www.c42.de

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  1. October 21, 2010 at 01:24

    I like this idea up to a point…the association with computer memory seems a stretch though, since you don’t really need to remove an item to make an identical copy (unless I’m completely missing the point!), however the resulting block and grid are very aesthetically pleasing. :)

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