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brancolina :: URBAN STORIES photo book

Urban environment is a genuine hub of various activities and cultural expressions, ‘cityscapes’ conjure up multifarious visual associations, memories, and experiences that together signal the city’s distinctiveness. For this series I photographed urban scenes with authentic details that triggered my thoughts and aesthetic feelings by geometric juxtaposition of urban elements and
architectural semiotics .

The city is a symbol, and there is symbolization of the city, but it is in the image itself, apprehended through and by discourse, that what the city represents for man is revealed and expressed. Raymond Ledrut (‘The Images of the City’)

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brancolina :: shadé #2 photo book

This is the second edition of the Shadé gallery‘s annual photo book. The selection is made of the most awarded photos that were in 2010 selected for the group’s curated exhibitions. Special thanks to all photographers who gave me permission to publish their works in the book, Nirvana Geudjelian Herrera for writing an intro and to the curators of exhibitions: barbera*, Steffen Tuck, mengwen29, jurek d., Rainer Schäffer, daruma*, Fernando Prats, backroom.angel, piblo, tapa, tlate hiin, Jacob Schere, tomyxyz, James Withey, Black Dog Designs, caecilia mettela, yanomano, Josean Prado, Nirvana SQ, James Kiong, spleen*, my.third.eye and Dreasan

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Book summary: 69 photos, 146 pages, 8×10″
Art directing, concept and Shadé gallery’s administrator: Brancolina
Group’s logo design: Brancolina and Fernando Prats


brancolina :: window stories, photo book

This book is a collection of visual stories written on windows. I was looking for interesting details, signs of human presence and reflections on window panes, those differences in repetition that add a touch of inconsistency to the strict order of a facade’s structural design and lend it a spatial dimension.

“Modern life is such that, confronted with the most mechanical, the most 
stereotypical repetitions, inside and outside ourselves, we endlessly extract from them little differences, variations and modifications. Conversely, secret, disguised and hidden repetitions, animated by the perpetual displacement of a difference, restore bare, mechanical and stereotypical repetitions, within and without us.” G.Deleuze, Difference and repetition

Concept, layouts and photography: Brancolina
Size: 20x25cm (10×8″)
80 pages, 40 photos



shadé :: photo book

Shadé photo book

Shadé is a gallery/group on Flickr that is specialized in images with shadows, shaded surfaces, silhouettes, darkened reflections and abstracts with shaded elements. This book is a collection of the best awarded photos from the curated exhibitions that were organized in Shadé from January until December 2009.

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brancolina :: Abstracted architecture


ABSTRACTED ARCHITECTURE is my first published photo-book. It is a collection of geometric photo-stories, contemporary architecture portrayed from a different point of view with accent on linear compositions.

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