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Revolutionary art is not determined by its avant-garde content, nor its formal or technical trickery, its interpretation of reality or its verisimilitude, but rather by how much it revolutionizes our thinking and imagination, overturning our preconceptions, bias and prejudice and inspiring us to change ourselves and the world, Jeff Sawell

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  1. 1 olivier goegebeur
    December 15, 2010 at 02:32

    Surprise, ra ra ra. I couldn’t sleep as usual, and then I found this blog, while typing in google “brancolina”. I’m so happy now, that i found you. I really like your things. It’s like a new world I discover here. Very special and unique. I love things that are different. And above all, lovely pictures ! I didn’t know you were so hard into this…I hope you will succeed in everything you do. I know you do everything from the heart. Just like you do when you play your records. And that’s why I really think you’re the best. It’s only so sad that art is not understood by many people. Go for it. Never give up dreaming !

    Big kisses! See you at new years eve.

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