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Tokihiro Sato is a Japanese photographer, whose best known work is The Photo-Respiration series, that consists of two parts: Breathing Light and Breathing Shadows. To make these photographs, Sato opens up the lens on his 8 x 10 camera for an extended exposure, sometimes up to three hours, and subsequently physically enters the scene in front of the frame. In Breathing Shadows a flashlight is pointed at the camera at nighttime or in a darkened space or he uses a mirror to reflect light back toward the lens by day. The title Photo-Respiration was chosen, according to Sato, because in the photographs he makes “a direct connection between my breath and the act of tracing out the light.” In his view this has the same significance as in monotonous activities such as long distance running or swimming, when one’s focus is only on breathing.

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  1. August 26, 2010 at 09:32

    Fascinating images. Thank you – I wasn’t aware of Tokihiro Sato’s work. I’m fascinated, and will try to find out more.

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