Tony Orrico :: Penwald 4 : unison symmetry standing

Tony Orrico‘s work is breaking down the barriers between choreography and visual art. He is using movement as an instrument to create two-dimensional work and live performed installation. Movement, measurement, gravity, energy, chaos, efficiency, duration, limitation, repetition and isolation are recurring themes in his work. Sometimes the spectator is merely an observer of the artist’s slightly introverted exploit, at other times he becomes involved in the performance.

Penwald 4: unison symmetry standing is a three-hour performance in which Orrico draws on a white wall with perfectly orchestrated bilateral movements. Slowly but surely a densely woven symmetrical image emerges, which bears a strong resemblance to the two halves of our brain. Three performances from this project can be experienced live during Flux/S art festival in Eindhoven, Holland.

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