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John Maeda :: lenore tawney studio : loeb modular system


StudioDror :: Quadror structural system

Quadror is a unique space truss geometry invented by Dror Benshetrit, that produces structural efficiency and introduces an array of creative initiatives. Seems rigid but on the contrary, this space truss geometry is extremely flexible in the types of uses that it applies to, and it has yet to reach its full extension to different applications. This joint, when solitary, can be used as a simple support to a side table but when multiplied it becomes a structural framework for homes, an acoustical skin on a highway and a extraordinary solution to disaster shelter and informal urban housing. It is time to use design to solve the challenges we face. Studio Dror is a great example of on how design can not only inspire change but actually implement it.

Our goal is to inspire change. Working with creative and innovative experts from various fields, we aim to share and implement this geometry in urban design, architecture, philanthropic work, and public art. When realizing that the system could potentially bring a groundbreaking solution to the global issue of habitat, we were eager to complete our experimentations and share this discovery with the world.

All Images are courtesy of Studio Dror.

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