roger guetta a.k.a. draMan :: from the series iphonography

A selection of layered photo illustrations from Roger Guetta a.k.a. draMan


Being there (2011)


The purist’s testament (2011)


The profit seekers (2011)


Satyricon remembered (2011)


Portrait 707 – Dr Moon (2011)


Survival of the fittest (2011)

Re-working the real, uncovering hidden universes, I try to evoke figments of thoughts and/or memories by providing a variety of points of perception within a single image.

Places to visit, where one can find multiple points of experience that exist at the fulcrum of the moment, or in many simultaneous moments.

These photos are not as much maps, as they are pools which hopefully provide depths of interpretation.

In conclusion, I try to make each image as if it is captured from within a momentary flux of images, as if nothing were solid or permanent. Instead, it is ephemeral, reflecting the ever changing nature of life and the way we experience it. Roger Guetta

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