david dimichele :: pseudodocumentation : photos of imaginary installations

Pendulum (2005)
40×50″ ultrachrome

Bark (2005)
42×55″ chromogenic digital print, edition 6

Branches (2006)
42×60″ lightjet print

Lightrods (2008)
40×65″ lightjet print

Hose (2005)
42×55″ lightjet print

Broken glass (2006)
40×60″ lightjet print

David DiMichele’s series Pseudodocumentation depicts imaginary art installations in monumental exhibition spaces. These pseudo-documents, which are actually photographs of small models in the artist’s studio, playfully engage scale and perception, while blurring the lines between fact and fiction, and questioning how we experience art. DiMichele’s work addresses the role of photography in documenting temporary installations; most people experience these artworks through photographs rather than first-hand. His constructed spectacles are homages to the grand ideas of artists like Richard Serra, Michael Heizer and Robert Smithson. “The works deal with issues of abstraction, conventions of documenting art, and the ideology of the gallery space,” DiMichele says. His rich, dream-like images draw the viewer in, to imagine oneself in the exhibition hall. Dramatically shot from an omniscient perspective, the dwarfed figures are overwhelmed, suggesting that the idea of art is perhaps, unsettlingly, larger than life. (edit from Robert Koch gallery)


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