Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová :: glass sculptures

Stanislav Libensý and Jaroslava Brychtová are the Czech artists, who created memorable glass sculptures. Jaroslava Brychtová was an educated sculptor while Stanislav Libenský was originally a painter, but later he became a glass artist who was a leading figure at glass school in Nový Bor and headmaster of the glass school in Železný Brod. Libenský painted and sketched the designs and Brychtová made clay sculptures from his designs, followed with plaster moulds that were filled with glass shards, heated for two or three days and slowly cooled for as long as a month. They worked together until Libenský’s death on February 24, 2002. Their massive colored glass castings are scattered around Prague, where they are an integral part of many public works, from the facade of the National Theater to the windows of St. Vitus Cathedral.

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