carsten nicolai :: syn chron

photography ©sato sugar

Carsten Nicolai’s installation Syn chron is a symbiosis of light, sound and architecture. A large 14m wide and 4m high polyhedron is designed by analyzing the crystal, it is covered with a semi-transparent material, that has a special honeycomb structure to permeate through image projections. On the surface are fixed many small speakers, while particle-like images (on six white-laser projectors) synchronize and change with abstract electronic sounds programmed by Carsten Nicolai in collaboration with Nibo. Visitors could freely experience this work’s resonance while moving about inside and outside the installation. The impression of the space is constantly generated in the process of visual and acoustical perceptive symbiosis.

Carsten Nicolai: concept, composition
Finn Geipel & Giulia Andi, LIN: architecture
Werner Sobek: supporting structure
David Letellier: artistic and architectural assistance
JENOPTIK AG: laser sources
LaserAnimation SOLLINGER GmbH: laser technology, programming
ELAC Electroacustic GmbH: audio technology
Nibo: sound programming
Rob Feigel: technical production
Carsten Koppe, Knut Kruppa: production team