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christo :: the big air package

christo 4
The Big Air Package in the Gasometer Oberhausen is the latest project by Christo and the largest indoor sculpture in the world. It consists of 20,350 m2 of fabric shaped in a giant balloon 90m high and 50m in diameter, which is installed inside the space that was originally designed as an industrial gas tank. Two air fans keep the package upright, while 60 additional projectors create a diffuse light throughout the interior. Inside the sculpture, an extraordinary experience of shape, space and light is provided. The material is translucent so that the light can penetrate from the above into the interior, where it develops an indirect, mysterious effect on observers. The sculpture can be viewed both from inside and outside until 30th December 2013 and it is accompanied by an additional exhibition in the ground floor of the Gasometer, which shows a selection of the most important projects by Christo and Jeanne- Claude from the last five decades.
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During the period of the exhibition seven original design drawings of the Big Air Package will be on display in the cabinet of the ‘Ludwiggalerie’ in Schloss Oberhausen. These predominantly large-format works provided the model for the Big Air Package. They were produced in Christo‘s New York studio and show the development of the idea from 2010 up to its implementation in 2013. Click here to watch a video, where artists explains how this work was made.
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